Unravelling the migration crisis: An analysis of EU refugee protection in the Mediterranean Sea

Description: Refugee issues have become extremely important in the European Union politics. The project will look at the issue of migration crisis in the Mediterranean Sea. It is based on the premise that most refugees and migrants are losing their lives at an alarming rate as they cross the Mediterranean Sea towards Europe. The recent actions by the EU in dealing with refugees arriving through the Mediterranean Sea have been viewed as a violation of the rights of these refugees and as contravening EU's commitment to protection of refugees' rights. However, at policy levels, it is important to explore how the new EU policies act against the fundamental concept of human rights protection. Moreover, the research will create additional literature to help understand the tensions between EU and refugees crossing via the Mediterranean Sea with the hope of offering recommendations on how the migration crisis in the Mediterranean Sea can be amicably solved.
Promoter(s): Marleen Easton, Daniel Mekonnen
Researcher(s): Fisseha Mehari
Department / Research group: Public governance, management and finance
Faculty: Faculty of Economics and Business Administration