On the (not so) persuasive potential of metaphorical language in news media communication. Framing the Latin-American migration debate through metaphor

Description: The persuasive function of metaphors has long been taken for granted. Because of their ability to structure abstract topics in terms of concrete domains of experience, while ""emphasizing"" some aspects of the topic of conversation and ""hiding"" others, metaphors in the news media are considered a powerful tool for influencing people's thinking and actions. Recently, this assumption has come under increasing fire due to shaky empirical support and conflicting experimental evidence. This project sheds light on the controversial persuasive power of metaphors in the media. Using El Diario's coverage of the Latin American migration debate, it attempts to address the shortcomings of previous approaches to metaphors. Rather than relying solely on close-text analysis, this study takes real media producers and consumers seriously in its account of metaphorical patterns.
Website research project: https://research.flw.ugent.be/en/projects/not-so-persuasive-potential-metaphorical-language-news-media-communication-framing-latin
Promoter(s): Renata Enghels , Geert Jacobs
Researcher(s): Laurence De Backer
Faculty / Faculties: Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
Period of time: 2021 - 2025