David Ongenaert

David Ongenaert holds a master’s degree in Communication Sciences (graduated in 2015 with magna cum laude) and a master after master degree in Conflict and Development (graduated in 2016 with magna cum laude). After following several additional English and social science courses, David started in October 2017 as a FWO PhD fellow under supervision of Prof. Dr. Stijn Joye. Currently, he is a member of the Centre for Cinema and Media Studies (CIMS​), the Center for Journalism Studies (CJS), the Center for Persuasive Communication (CEPEC) and the Centre for the Social Study of Migration and Refugees (CESSMIR). His research project investigates international refugee organizations’ public communication strategies towards refugee crises by exploring processes of production, content and audience reception. This project is deeply embedded in the academic fields of mediated humanitarianism, distant suffering and strategic non-profit communication.

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