VLIR-UOS: Community Talk

(17-08-2021) Human modified landscapes in Northers Ecuador.

VLIR - UOS: Community Talk

Next Talk: Thursday 26 August from 4-5 PM (CET)

Hans Verbeeck - UGent Hans Verbeeck - UGent

COFOREC made operational a forest plot network for long-term ecological research on biodiversity and eco-system functioning in natural and reforested areas along a large environmental gradient in a highly diverse, strongly anthropogenic tropical landscape (Andean-Chocó).
With COFOREC II we aim at

  1. improving data quantity and quality (taxonomy, functional traits, biomass estimates) of our permanent plots,
  2. enhancing the research skills of young local ecologists.

Community Talks is a monthly webinar where experts from Flanders and abroad can meet and share their knowledge & academic research. With this platform, we aim to build sustainable research connections and increase local (societal) impact through knowledge sharing on a global scale. 
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