Summer/Winter School

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Only to have a summer/winter school validated as an elective in your curriculum should you follow the steps below. If you do not want to include summer/winter school in your curriculum you should not submit an exchange application in Oasis.
A summer/winter school you have already attended cannot be added to your curriculum afterwards, so be sure to submit your application sufficiently in advance!

A concise roadmap can be found in the figure. Below that is more explanation of each step. Download the timeline.

Timeline summer/winter school (eng)

1. Interested?


  • Find the presentation and recording of the infosession on this site. More detailed information can be found on this web page.
  • More questions? Feel free to contact us via


  • You can have summer/winter school validated as an elective in the curriculum of your master's program.
  • You may attend summer/winter school only during class-free periods (check the academic calendar).
  • You can have only 1 summer/winter school validated in your curriculum in your program.

2. Choose destination


  • On our "Welcome abroad" page in Ufora, we share all the info about interesting summer/winter schools we receive.
  • Professors can also inform you of interesting summer/winter schools in your field.
  • You may also propose a summer/winter school.

Submit application

Have you found an interesting summer/winter school that you would like to include in your curriculum as an elective?
Apply sufficiently in advance to the internationalisation contact person of your master's programme (see here an overview per programme). The programme decides whether you may validate this summer/winter school in your curriculum and how many credits will be awarded.

Be sure to include information about:

  • the educational institution offering the course.
  • the content and programme of the programme. The content may not overlap with the content of a course that you have already taken or are due to take in your training.
  • why this summer/winter school adds value to your programme overview.
  • if applicable: the method of evaluation.
  • if available: a link to the website of the summer/winter school.

3. Funding

  • Some institutions offer scholarships themselves for students attending their summer/winter school.
  • Funding from the faculty: 

    For 5 students from a Dutch-speaking programme at our faculty, the International Training Centre of our faculty can offer financial support of €500 per student. Apply for this and send a motivation letter, information about the Summer School and a budget estimate to by 15 April 2023 at the latest.

    If a selection is required, preference will be given to:
    - students choosing a Summer/Winter School from the offer of a partner university of our faculty

    - master students graduating this or next academic year who have not yet enjoyed or will enjoy a study abroad experience next academic year

    Online courses are also eligible if it is not yet possible to take the course locally because of COVID-19.

    If you want to know whether you can include credits in your curriculum for a Summer/Winter School, you should inquire with the internationalisation contact person of your programme. However, this is not a prerequisite for whether or not you will receive financial support.

4. Exchange application in Oasis

If you did not take your bachelor's course at UGent: first fill in an enrolment application here to be able to register in Oasis. Then you can follow the procedure as described below.

Application procedure

Go to In the left menu, go to the academic year of your exchange and select 'Exchange'.

You can find general instructions in the Oasis manual

Every student going abroad must register an exchange application as soon as possible, even if you do not want to apply for a scholarship!
This must be entered in Oasis at least 6 weeks before departure, in accordance with Article 46 §4 in the Education and Examination Regulations.
You are responsible to register for summer/winter school before their deadline.

5. Curriculum in exchange 

In the Oasis manual you will find general instructions for completing your curriculum in exchange . Some important guidelines:

  • Enter the title of the summer/winter school as the name of the exchange course.
  • Number of credits: depends on the decision of the study programme committee.
  • Substitution: you may leave this blank, as this is validated as an elective and therefore does not replace an existing UGent course.

7. Learning Agreement

When the summer school is conducted at a partner institution with which there is an agreement, a Learning Agreement may be requested. If your Curriculum in exchange was correctly completed and positively advised by the International Relations Office, you can download a Learning Agreement signed by UGent on Oasis, under your exchange application. You sign this yourself and also have the partner institution sign it.

Please note: this is not an obligation on our part. If the partner institution does not ask for this, you may skip this step.

6. Certificate of participation

Upload on Oasis

Upload your certificate of participation on Oasis with your exchange application as type 'Transcript of Records'.

Points conversion

  • If your certificate of participation shows a score, your point will be converted to UGent results (out of 20) based on the faculty conversion table. This table serves as a guide for conversion. The final decision is made by the Faculty Exchange examination committee, which may decide on a different conversion for justified reasons.
  • If it only states that you have passed, a "PASS" will be entered with your score. In that case, the course unit will not be taken into account in determining your grade of merit.


Can I go on exchange several times during my training?

  • Yes, a combination of exchange for internship and subjects and/or master's thesis is possible. Different rules and procedures apply to each type of mobility, which you can find on this website.
  • You can only have 1 summer school in your curriculum validated.

How many credits will I get in my curriculum for summer/winter school?

  • This is decided by the program committee. Be sure to submit your application sufficiently in advance to the contact person for internationalization if you wish to have the summer/winter school validated in your curriculum.

Am I insured by UGent during my stay abroad?

  • For your health insurance, check with your own health insurance company to find out what the conditions are for reimbursement of expenses abroad. Be sure to have a European Health Insurance Card, recognizable by the blue color.
  • Accident insurance is subject to the same conditions as when you take classes at UGent.
  • For students going abroad, travel assistance is also provided by UGent.
  • Be sure to consider additional insurance as well.
  • These insurances are only applicable if your exchange application was put in order before your departure.


Feel free to contact .