Evert Vincent


Evert Vincent

Evert joined the PaInT research group in February 2020. He obtained his MSc degree in industrial Engineering: Biochemistry. His MSc thesis focused on the production of caproate from undistilled thin stillage through anaerobic chain elongation fermentation. After his MSc thesis, Evert worked in industrial laboratories in the chemical, petrochemical and biogas production industries. Looking to rejoin the academic world, Evert found his way to PaInT as a doctoral student.

 His current research focusses on the different aspects of drinking water production from groundwater, including but not limited to, coagulation, novel capillary nanofiltration and waste stream valorization. His project is a collaboration between the University of Ghent, KWR and De Watergroep. 

 In his spare time, Evert enjoys cooking, (board)games and engaging in a wide range of social activities with other members of the academic community.