Xingchen Zhao

xingchenzhao-jpgPhd Student

Xingchen Zhao studied the antimicrobial activities and mechanisms of natural products against food borne pathogenic bacteria in planktonic and biofilm cultures during her Master research in China.

Now her PhD project is about the ‘Evidence based decision making on the use of Bacillus biocontrol agents in edible plant production’, and her project involves in food microbiology, plant microbiology and crop protection. 

She received a Bachelor degree in Food Quality and Safety in 2013 from Jilin University in China, and in 2016 she received a MSc degree in Food Science: Food quality and safety from Jilin University. Since 2018, she joined Ghent University as a PhD student.


In order to provide a scientific fundament for assessing the food safety (post-harvest) of  plant-based food products derived from crops that have been treated (pre-harvest) with Bacillus biocontrol agents for pest control, her PhD research will explore in depth the growth, survival and pathogenicity of Bacillus biocontrol agents post-harvest (when treated crops have become food). Her research will provide information to elaborate an evidence-based approach to estimate the risk of Bacillus biocontrol agents to act as (primary or opportunistic) food borne pathogens affecting thus individual’s and public health via consumption of plant-based foods.


She gets 48-month scholarship from China Scholarship Council (CSC) for her PhD research. She has published 19 peer reviewed scientific papers (8 papers are first author) until now.