Food Research International paper of Viet Nguyen

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(12-06-2020) New published research paper of PhD student Viet Nguyen in the journal Food Research International dealing with the microstructure of milk fat - palm blends

In the framework of the PhD of Viet Ngyen, a research paper was published in Food Research International (IF=3.579 (2018), Q1:food science and technology).  The paper focuses on the static and dynamic crystallization behaviour of milk fat - palm fat blends. The dynamic crystallization was performed on the bench-top crystallizer at the Vandemoortele Centre. XRD data were acquired on the new Xenoxs XRD system within the Food Structure and Function Research Group. The paper clearly showed that β-crystal polymorphic transition is not the trigger for granular crystal formation in milk-palm fat blends. Moreover, dynamic crystallization was not able to prevent granular crystal formation although a fine and stable (β’) crystal network was formed.