Standing strong together during Corona, tips for researchers

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Practical Research tipsloupe

  • Our libraries remain open for borrowing books, scanning, online workshops, academic writing, ...

    If you have a problem/ question you can always contact the Ghent University library chat or send a mail to:

  • Having difficulties with your paper/thesis/doctorate? Consult this page
  • Build a sustainable network for young researchers with this wellbeing toolkit.

Daily routine

  • Look for a daily structure and make a clear schedule. It's important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So don't spend too many hours behind your desk! Eat healthy, sleep and exercise regularly. Going for a walk in the fresh air is good for you! 
  • Stay connected with family or friends. Sharing feelings with people you trust is relieving. Find people who are more relaxed, this often has a positive impact. But don't forget about friends or family members who are having a hard time.

What if worrying keeps you awake? sleep

  • The best sleeping advice: If you worry often, try limiting this to a peak moment, "the peak quarter". Choose a fixed moment in the day that you can fully worry. But make sure to also write down your thoughts so you can let them go.
  • Daily exercise in the morning or early afternoon improves sleep.

Take care of yourself

  • Be kind to yourself / Don’t be so hard on yourself!

    Do what you can, but don't judge yourself if you can't do it right away. It is important to find a balance. Keep doing things that you like and that give you energy. Listen to music that makes you feel good! Cook something different for dinner, treat yourself.

Social contact (at a distance)

  • Would you like to meet new people in Ghent? With the KLIK app you can find a walking buddy right away.
  • Want to work or study at a different location? Use the Blokmap!

talkNeed someone to talk to?

  • Our student psychologists are there for you.

  • Looking for a confidant? You can always contact You will also find a listening ear at the faculty, with the confidential contacts. They work closely with the people at Trustpunt.
    For the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, this is Luc Tirry.

  • Do you feel out of sorts and in need of a chat? Are you worried about a friend? Ghent has numerous organisations such as 'Content in Ghent' that you can turn to.