Urban water system model for Eindhoven

An integrated urban water system model was built for the region of Eindhoven, the Netherlands in the framework of complying with the Water Framework Directive. The directive demands for a good ecological status of receiving waters in the EU member states.

Given the scale and complexity of the system, a mathematical model is the only way to gather insight in the system and test scenarios for cost-effective optimisation. Conventional cost was first estimated at 155M Euro CAPEX and 10.6M Euro OPEX. The latest integrated scenario resulted in 27M Euro CAPEX (-80%) and 3.7M Euro OPEX (-65%). This demonstrates the power of mathematical models as decision support tool.

The endeavour was performed by the unique collaboration between Waterboard De Dommel, the municipalities, consultants and knowledge institutes.

Two innovation awards were already granted for this project, called "Kallisto", one from the Dutch Water Board and one from the International Water Association (project innovation award).


Prof. Ingmar Nopens