Applying for funding

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Applying for funding at the faculty

  1. Choose the type of funding you wish to apply for from the list below.
    Not sure which type of funding best suits your activity? Use the budget tool
  2. Carefully read the requirements, collect the necessary documents and notify your department secretariat before applying online.
  3. Submit your application, you will receive an email when your application has been evaluated and whether or not it meets the requirements. After this first evaluation, your application will be reviewed by the commission of scientific research (CWO) and the faculty board. (Check the Submitting calendar to see when your application will be handled.)

Applying for reimbursement after approval

  1. After approval of your application by the faculty board, you will be notified by mail.
  2. Within 3 months after this notice or after your journey or event, you will have to submit a proof of your attendance1 in the database (except for DA starting credits) and your involved promotor's E/.../01 budget element2 for internal reimbursement.
  3. On approval of your submitted proof of attendance and budget element, the lump sum granted to you will be transferred to your E/.../01 budget element. The department concerned must ensure that only expenses actually incurred are reimbursed to the applicant.

  • 1 Proof of attendance: Certificate of attendance, used flight ticket, confirmation letter,...
  • 2 The E/.../01 budget element is the account from your department secretariat that was used to pay for your expenses.

Types of funding



Financial support to researchers for their active participation in congresses with international renown.


Dissertation Research

Traveling and insurance expenses of students who are doing part of their dissertation research abroad can be refunded after appraisal by the Committee, on the condition that funding by other bodies is not possible.

ATP technical training

Financial support to Administrative and Technical Staff for attendance at congresses and study stays.

Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical leave for ZAP staff, under the condition that external financing by FWO is actively explored.

Visiting foreign researchers

Research stay of visiting foreign researchers at the FBE.


Long study leave abroad

Pre- and postdoctoral researchers and assistant professors with tenure track wishing to undertake a long study leave abroad.

Starting credit

DA starting grant

financial support to new postdoctoral researchers who do not receive a working budget from other funding bodies.

Other application types

Expenses for page charges

Page charges related to publications in "top 10%" journals (ISI-list) can be fully or partially (re)funded by the Committee.

Support for the organisation of symposia or study trips

The Scientific Research Committee (CWO) provides financial support for symposia and study trips organized at the FBE.

Faculty regulations Mobility and Sabbatical Funding