Understanding the impact of climate change? Measure, measure and measure again!

(30-06-2021) “Climate change is a global problem. But if you really want to know its impact, you have to have local data.”

So say meteorologist Steven Caluwaerts and bioengineer Pieter De Frenne. They both do research on microclimates, albeit with a different starting point. “Actually, we are very complementary. We should meet more often!”

For both of them, measuring is knowing. Professor Steven Caluwaerts (Faculty of Science and RMI) set up the VLINDER-project ‘VLaanderen IN De weER’. More than seventy weather stations, spread across various locations in Flanders, provide a constant stream of weather data. The goal: uncover the relationship between the environment and microclimates

Professor Pieter De Frenne (Forest & Nature lab, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering) worked on the algorithm used in the Curieuzeneuzen in de Tuin-project. He focuses, together with his research group, on the impact of climate change on forest biodiversity, using weather sensors in forests.