24-06-2022 Proteins from microbial fermentation get boost with The ProteInn Club
03-06-2022 UGent alumnus Wilfried Brutsaert awarded the Stockholm Water Prize 2022.
30-05-2022 Nutritional supplement reduces prevalence of low birth weight babies
11-05-2022 Stonehenge reveals traces of a much older past
05-05-2022 New department chairs
22-04-2022 Els Van Damme becomes dean
25-03-2022 What comes after the resignation of dean Marc Van Meirvenne?
28-02-2022 Virologist Steven Van Gucht is the very first ‘Ghent University alumnus of the year’
17-02-2022 ERC Starting Grants for Ghent University researchers
07-02-2022 Dog faeces and urine could be harming nature reserves
13-01-2022 Pascal Boeckx and Kris Verheyen awarded for work on climate change
12-01-2022 Drought makes heatwaves hotter but less deadly
06-01-2022 Sustainable food packaging: new programme at Ghent University in Kortrijk
21-12-2021 Kris Verheyen member of the Royal Flemish Academy
24-11-2021 2021 International Symposium for the Korean Peninsula Marine Global Project
22-11-2021 Young Academy is looking for outstanding scientists
16-11-2021 31 Ghent University researchers are 'Highly Cited Researcher 2021'
29-10-2021 PhD research explained in Twitter thread
27-10-2021 CROPDIVA puts underused crops back in the fields
19-10-2021 Bernard De Baets becomes honorary member of European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology
14-10-2021 Ghent University Global Campus organizes Belgian Cultural Festival
04-10-2021 Cooling effect of European forests mapped for the first time
29-09-2021 Scientific award for 2 international alumni
27-08-2021 Academic year started at Ghent University Global Campus in South Korea
06-07-2021 Circular toilet in Ghent recycles urine of visitors
01-07-2021 Spin-off boosts aquaculture and hydroculture yield through microbiome analysis
30-06-2021 New research project will develop optimised biogas from synthetic communities of bacteria
04-05-2021 Faculty researchers on the climate scientists list
23-04-2021 How does plastic affect our health?
10-02-2021 Expedition Antarctica: chasing the clouds