Written dissertation


The master’s dissertation is a written report of the scientific research the student has conducted.
This manuscript contains the following items, similar to the structure of a scientific publication:

  • preface
  • table of contents
  • list of abbreviations
  • abstract
  • introduction
  • relevant literature: should contain only what is necessary to understand the work, with a focus on a critical synthesis
  • methodology
  • results: raw data can be delivered in an electronic format
  • discussion
  • general conclusions
  • recommendations for further research
  • list of references
  • appendices (only in an electronic format)

General guidelines

Master's dissertation of two students with the same subject

A Master's dissertation by two students with the same subject is possible under following conditions:

  • The work must be submitted in separate volumes.
  • The defense is individual, so separated in space and time.
  • For each master's dissertation, a separate Board of Examiners is appointed, so a separate written assessment is required.
  • If a common title is used, this has to be complemented with a separate and different subtitle.
  • In the introduction of each masters dissertation, the cooperation should be mentioned and the similarities and specificity of the work have to be described.