Alarm signals

Warning signal

The warning signal is a one tone interrupted signal.

Only first intervention team members have to react hearing this signal. They will have a look if there is any danger and need to evacuate.

Listen to the warning signal

Evacuation signal

The evacuation signal is a two-tone uninterrupted signal.

  • When you hear this signal, stay calm and leave the building immediately, without running and pushing.
  • Follow the instruction of the first intervention team members and coordinators who have yellow and orange jackets.

Listen to the evacuation signal

First intervention team Campus Coupure


They coordinate the evacuations and are the contact person during evacuations. They are easy to recognize by their orange jacket.


Emergency procedure

In case of evacuation, a Situation Report (SitRep) is written as soon as possible.

The coorinators assign the safe areas on the campus maps.