Ombudsperson and confidential person

Our faculty has an in-house mediation service that offers an informal and confidential way to resolve problems and complaints.

For (PhD) students: ombudsperson


Here's what you can contact the ombudsperson for:

  • to relieve your feelings on certain situations
  • with problems and complaints about classes, exercises, syllabi, exams, ... you can not settle with the teacher or assistants
  • for independent mediation in case of a dispute with a professor or assistant
  • with problems related to examination schedules
  • for advice when illness, an accident of personal and family problems affect your studies
  • for explanation of your rights and obligations as a student


The ombudsperson:

  • will investigate your complaint
  • will try to reach a solution in the interest of all parties
  • assures complete discretion
  • undertakes nothing without the consent of the student
  • works closely with the faculty study counselor

For students at Campus Coupure

For students at Campus Kortrijk

For students at Campus Schoonmeersen

For PhD students

For staff: confidential person


Here's what you can contact the confidential person for:

  • You need someone to talk to
  • You experience stress, problems to cooperate, conflicts or unwanted behavior at work (such as bullying, violence and sexual harassment)

For all faculty staff members