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Legalisation of diploma's and transcript of records

All information about the legalization of academic documents can be found here.

Diploma and transcript of records

I have not yet completed my bachelor degree. Can I apply?

You can already apply. Should you not yet have graduated, then add your current study and the date you are foreseen to graduate as the ending date (at the latest September of the start of the year you are applying for).
Add all the transcripts of record showing the courses you have already completed, including the courses for which you have not yet taken the exams.
Also include a statement that mentions what degree you will be obtaining when graduated and in what month you are expected to obtain the diploma.
A valid bachelor diploma (a temporary diploma is acceptable for last year students) will be required at enrolment.

I have completed my studies but don't have a transcript of records (yet).

Your application is not valid and cannot be accepted without a full transcript of records including grades obtained.

I have complete my studies but haven't received my diploma (yet).

Ask your student administration to provide you a certificate of completion. This needs to show you have passed all courses and have been awarded the degree.

Language requirements

I am not a national of one of the countries listed under the English proficiency requirement but I have followed several years of education in English. Do I still need to present you with a toefl or ielts test result?

Yes. If you are not a national of one of the countries listed, we can only accept a TOEFL or IELTS result proving in an objective and comparable manner your English proficiency. We make no exceptions to this rule.

I don't have the original language test result, and it will not reach me in time for the deadline.

An original is not necessary, but we cannot admit you without proof of English proficiency. TOEFL and IELTS announce results online, add a print screen of that result, clearly indicating your name, ID, date the test was taken and the result. If admitted and when enrolling, you will be requested to submit the original.

I have done a TOEFL, IELTS or CEFR test, but it is older than 5 years. Can I apply with it?

Unfortunately not. The TOEFL or IELTS test results can be no older than 5 years. Count back from the September of the year you wish to start your programme at Ghent University. E.g. you wish to start on September 1st 2017, then your test results can be no older than August 31st 2012.

I do not have a TOEFL or IELTS certificate, but I estimate to have sufficient English knowledge, can I apply?

Unfortunately not. We make no exceptions to the requirements for proof of English knowledge.

Where can I get a language test?

More information on TOEFL and where/how to book a test here.
More information on IELTS and where/how to book a test here.
More information on the ESOL CAMBRIDGE English CAE here.

Reference letters

Our faculty does not require a standard (template) reference letter. However, a good reference letter should contain the following elements:

  1. clear identification of the person giving the reference (name, title, work place, contact details, relation with the applicant)
  2. clear identification of the person for whom the reference is given, and for which programme
  3. evaluation of the candidate's academic performance (Study results, ranking of the students in their previous studies…)
  4. evaluation of the candidate's research capacity, potential and skills (Dissertation or research papers, possible research experience, critical attitude, analytical skills …)
  5. suitability and motivation of the applicant for this specific programme (knowledge of and/or experience with the topic(s), motivation for graduate study in general and this programme in particular 
  6. specific strong points of the applicant and points to improve
  7. final conclusion as to why this applicant is (not) a suitable candidate for the programme

Referees will give recommendation letters in different ways. for the application to our faculty, we do not require hard copies, we do not accept hard copies, you need to add the reference letters to the file yourself. They need to be signed and dated by the referee.

  1. If you receive an open envelope, then scan the pages into one document and upload this electronic version of the letter in the last section of the online application.
  2. If you receive a scanned copy from your referee (by email), then upload this electronic version in the last section of the online application.
  3. If you receive a sealed envelope addressed to us, then you have our permission to open the letter and scan and upload the document.

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