Role of cooperatives in creating a sustainable school feeding programme to improve the nutrition situation of the children as well as the livelihoods of the farmers


fikadu.jpgFikadu Reta Alemayehu is a PhD student at the University of Ghent, Faculty of Bio-Sciences Engineering. His PhD research is focused on role of cooperatives in creating sustainable school feeding program to improve the nutrition situation of children as well as livelihood of farmers in Ethiopia. Fikadu studied MSc in Agricultural Development with Major in Human Nutrition at the University of Copenhagne in Denmark and he studied BSc in Rural Development and Family Sciences at Hawassa University in Ethiopia. Fikadu did work as lecturer and also head of the School of Nutrition Food Sciences and Technology at Hawassa University since 2013. He is also administrator of the agriculture to nutrition (ag2nut-Ethiopia) online forum which is the biggest network scholars working on nutrition related initiatives in Ethiopia.


The PhD research project mainly focuses on the institutional arrangement, economic and nutritional aspects of school feeding system in Ethiopia. Fikadu describes the school feeding and its decision making process, the school food supply chain and actors involved, benefits of school feeding for Farmers and cooperatives, local acceptability, nutritional quality and operational feasibility of school feeding using mix of qualitative and quantitative methods.

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