Farmland Transfer Contractual Arrangements of Large-Scale Production Units (LSPUs), Investment Incentives and Agricultural Performance


Fang LiFang Li is a PhD student at the Department of Agricultural Economics, Rural Development Economics. She started a PhD in 2014 in Nanjing Agricultural University, P.R. China. Before that, Fang was a postgraduate student majoring in Land Resources Management in Nanjing Agricultural University. She holds a BA in Resources Environment and the Management of Urban and Rural Planning (2011) from Henan Agricultural University. During her successive master-doctor program, she participated in research projects on rural land-stock cooperation, farmland transfer and farmers' income, etc. Fang also organized or participated in rural surveys for five times concerning farmland transfer and agricultural production, rural land-stock cooperatives, as well as land consolidation.


Fang's research focuses on contractual arrangements and agricultural performance of Large-Scale Production Units in China. Taking Jiangsu and Jiangxi province as case study areas, this research contributes to the discussion that if and how the contractual arrangements in farmland transfer to Large-Scale Production Units impact on agricultural production. Using macro-level statistical data, the first part is to analyze the status quo and spatial effects of the development of Large-Scale Production Units, basing on Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis. A second part is to explore the mechanisms of contractual arrangements through which Large-Scale Production Units transfer farmland. The third and final part of the research is to investigate the impacts of contractual arrangements on land investment and agricultural performance. The data used in the latter two parts was collected in the field survey conducted in August and September 2016.


Large-Scale Production Units, Contractual arrangements, Land tenure security, Soil-improving investments, Agricultural productivity, Environmental efficiency

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