Tian Tian

PhD candidate
Economics and management of natural resourcesTian-Tian.jpg
Department of Agricultural Economics
Ghent University
Coupure Links 653
Office A2.098
9000 Ghent, Belgium
✉︎ titian.tian@ugent.be
+32 9 264 60 67


Tian Tian (1992) has been a PhD student in the Department of Agricultural Economics since 2016.
She obtained her master’s degree in China Agricultural University, with rich experience of field research. Tian is interested in livelihoods of smallholder farmers, indigenous land rights and rural labor markets. Currently she is working on rural planning and rural development.


Tian’s research focuses on state-market interactions in the process of rural development in post-reform China. Decades of phenomenal growth happened under neoliberal market reforms in post-reform China, along with a marked rise in social inequality. To relieve the rural-urban divide and rural poverty, poverty alleviation programs have been launched nationwide. The state reappears in the countryside through state re-allocation of resources after agrarian decollectivization. Taking the rural development planning and programming as an aperture, her research would like to explore how the state and the market interact to produce a ‘developmental’ rural space in China.


  • Rural development
  • Rural space
  • Inequality and poverty
  • Agrarian reforms
  • State-market interactions
  • China