Woldegebrial Zeweld

Ph. D. candidate


Woldegebrial Zeweld was born in August 1981 in Ethiopia. He holds a BA in economics and a MSc. in agricultural economics and rural development. He has been working at the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Mekelle University. Currently, he has been pursuing a sandwich PhD program under BOF scholarship at the Department of Agricultural Economics, Ghent University.


Title: Potentials of sustainable agriculture for addressing livelihoods and climate change
October 2014 – October 2018

In low-income countries, where food insecurity and malnutrition are recurrent problems, most farm households are smallholders and poor, which prevents them from using the technologies of the green revolution to improve the productivity of agriculture. The absence of strong institutions is another contributing factor that further aggravates the problem. Furthermore, due to population pressure and limited arable lands, it is less likely for them to solve the problems through the expansion of cultivated land to marginal, remote and less-favoured areas. An alternative and viable option is to introduce and expand the adoption of sustainable agriculture, which is mostly implemented by locally available resources and based on the farmer’s knowledge and skills. Therefore, this study investigates the overall issues of sustainable agriculture in these countries to share knowledge to the contemporary literature and also to provide empirical information for development actors, especially those working in agriculture, natural resource management and rural development. The objectives of the project include

  1. to assess and examine the impacts of socio-psychological issues on smallholder farmers’ stated and revealed behaviour towards the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices
  2. to investigate and discuss the roles which sustainable agricultural practices play in smallholder farmers’ agricultural production, food security and livelihoods.
  3. to explore whether smallholder farmers have adopted sustainable agricultural practices to adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change


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Socio-psychological factors, sustainable agriculture, stated and revealed behaviour, household welfare, climate change

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