Addressing societal challenges of biotechnology in Africa. Towards balanced innovation

 (SOCBIOAfri project) (ERAFrica GROUP)


SOCBIOAfri aims to contribute to research on privately and publicly financed biotechnology innovations in Africa, relating these to requirements for elaborating effective policy frameworks for biotechnology in Africa. It also aims to contribute to capacity building in the analysis of biotechnology and in policy development

The project connects teams in Kenya, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Belgium and the Netherlands in investigating biotechnological innovation in Africa. It thereby addresses issues of policy development, technology regulation and capacity-building initiatives of relevance to all parties involved in biotechnology applications, including small-hold farmers and their organizations. The shared approach adopted by the project is derived from contemporary Science & Technology Studies (STS) and applies a co-evolutionary approach in which technological and societal innovations are analyzed as co-determining processes.

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Edouard Idrissa Rachid