Sustainable Organic and Low-input Dairying (SOLID) - (2011-2016)

solid.jpgThe objective of SOLID is to support developments and innovations in organic and low input dairy systems to optimise competitiveness for a sustainable and profitable dairy industry in Europe, whilst at the same time maximising the potential of these systems to deliver environmental goods and enhance biodiversity and optimising economic, agronomic and nutritional advantages for the development of innovative and sustainable organic and low input dairy systems and supply chains.

Ghent University in SOLID

As a partner in WP5, Ghent University conducts supply chain and consumer analyses. This work package tackled the following objectives:

  • To identify the expectations for innovation in management practices and adapted breeds along the whole low-input and organic dairy farming supply chain (fork to farm) and
  • To assess the acceptability of novel strategies (developed in WP1, 2 and 3) along the whole supply chain given the differing expectations, with special consideration to consumer acceptance and preferences, and the sustainability of supply chain management practices
  • To identify optimal strategies to enhance collaborative behaviours in dairy low-input and organic supply chains in order to introduce acceptable innovations enhancing competitiveness and sustainability along the whole supply chain.

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Ellen Van Loo