Phytochemicals to reduce nitrite in meat products - EC FP7 PHYTOME

phytome.pngPHYTOME aims to develop new meat processing technologies, resulting in innovative meat products that have low or no nitrite and that have been shown to contribute to improved human health. This will be achieved by introducing carefully selected mixtures of biologically active compounds originating from natural plant extracts. The concept is applicable in the final industrial setting. All outcomes of the project, including the selection of compounds, the new processing technologies, the established human health impact and marketing strategies, are applied in a business case in which the SME partners have produced a variety of new technology based products for evaluation.

Ghent University in PHYTOME

As a Work Package leader, we map consumer reactions and attitudes towards the new meat products developed by the project partners. Based on robust experimental data on consumers’ insights and willingness-to-pay, we identify possible strategies that improve the new meat products and recover the extra costs for the innovation.
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Researcher: Christine Yung Hung