ProFuture (2019-2023) - Microalgae Protein Ingredients for the Food and Feed of the Future

ProFuture intends to produce innovative, healthy and sustainable food and feed reformulated with protein-enriched ingredients derived from microalgae and eventually bring them on the market. The process from development to introduction in the market involves sustainable, efficient and affordable microalgae protein-rich ingredients for the food and feed of the future, consumer research and work out dissemination and communication. The project brings together 31 European partners in a unique collaboration between researchers, small and medium enterprises, large companies and associations.

Ghent University in ProFuture

As lead partner in WP8, the objectives of Ghent University are to assess acceptance and preference of microalgae-protein enriched food products by consumers and to identify potential market segments for uptake of algae-based ProFuture products. These objectives are examined by means of an online consumer survey.

A short overview of the study is presented in this video

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Hélène Van der Stricht