Seminar on societal impact of university development cooperation

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17-12-2021 13:00 to 18-12-2021 05:00
Pand, Onderbergen 1, 9000 Gent
Jean Dhont
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This seminar will provide guidelines and feature real-life examples on how to achieve and measure societal impact with university development cooperation.

Today, service-to-society is generally considered as university pillar equivalent to research and education. Correspondingly, societal impact is increasingly put forward as a key performance indicator of university development cooperation or – by extension – internationalisation.

While the importance of societal impact is sufficiently recognised, it is often less obvious how it can successfully be implemented in projects or research plans. And yet, societal impact can be achieved in various ways as illustrated in numerous interesting examples.

This seminar will:

  • outline the different connotations of ‘societal impact’ with reference to university development cooperation and collaboration with partners in the Global South;
  • highlight good practices from UGent colleagues but also with special attention to the successful example of structural inclusion of NGO’s in university projects by our Walloon colleagues
  • discuss experiences, challenges and possible pitfalls.