ANSER renews Ghent University funding as International Thematic Network

(08-04-2021) Good news! ANSER’s proposal for Ghent University funding was accepted, which means we have part time support secured for the ANSER secretariat for the next five years.

group picture ANSER

With this new funding ANSER will strengthen its work to build evidence for SRHR policies by expanding its preferential partners and broaden its scope of activities based on the network’s experience over the past five years.

In the first period (2016-2020) members established working relationships, harvested the added value of collaboration and developed an appreciation for knowledge translation into policy. Now (2021-2025), the network enters a new stage and the focus of ANSER’s work is clearly shifting:

  • From capacity building mainly for ANSER senior researchers to capacity building for young master and PhD students;
  • From ad hoc trainings to more regular and sustainable courses;
  • From a mainly academic and NGO network to a network of expanded partnerships with a broad range of stakeholders;
  • From knowledge about building SRHR evidence for policies to more ANSER research outputs directly relevant to policy makers; and From a subsidised network to a self-sufficient one.

Please find the new Theory of change here:

Theory of change