Recent GIIS Publications


Mathieu Blondeel, Thijs Van De Graaf (2018) Toward a global coal mining moratorium? A comparative analysis of coal mining policies in the USA, China, India and Australia Climatic Change, vol.: 145, issue: 407, 1-13

Mattias Vermeiren (2018) Meeting the World’s Demand for Safe Assets? Macroeconomic Policy and the International Status of the Euro after the Crisis European Journal of International Relations


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Mattias Vermeiren (2017) One-Size-Fits-Some! Capitalist Diversity, Sectoral Interests and Monetary Policy in the Euro Area Review of International Political Economy


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Rik Coolsaet (2016) Leven met en na 22/3 sampol, vol.: 2016, issue: 4, 16

Rik Coolsaet (2016) Facing the Fourth Foreign Fighters Wave Egmont Paper

Tim Haesebrouck (2016) The Added Value of Multi-value Qualitative Comparative Analysis Forum Qualitative Social Research

Tim Haesebrouck (2016) NATO Burden Sharing in Libya a Fuzzy Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis Political Studies Review

Tim Haesebrouck (2016) Democratic Participation in the Air Strikes against Islamic State Foreign Policy Analysis

Tim Haesebrouck (2016) National Behaviour in Multilateral Military Operations Political Studies Review

Mattias Vermeiren, Federico Steinberg (2016) Germany's Institutional Power and the EMU Regime after the Crisis: Towards a Germanized Euro Area? Journal of Common Market Studies

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Johannes Urpelainen, Thijs Van de Graaf (2014) Your Place or Mine? Institutional Capture and the Creation of Overlapping International Institutions British Journal of Political Science

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