GIIS Members

Prof. dr. Dries Lesage (director)


Research Interests: Globalization; global governance architecture; multipolarity and global governance; international tax policy

Prof. dr. Sven Biscop


Research Interests: International Security; European Common Security and Defense Policy

Prof. dr. Thijs Van de Graaf


Research Interests: Energy security, energy policy, international politics, global governance, international institutions Personal website:

Prof. dr. Mattias Vermeiren


Research Interests: International monetary and financial relations, international political economy, comparative capitalisms

Prof. dr. Goedele De Keersmaeker


Research Interests: International politics and security issues; global power relations; multipolarity in historical perspective

Prof. dr. Erik Paredis

Erik Paredis

Research Interests: politics of sustainable development, system innovation and socio-technical transitions, transition governance, sustainable technology and politics

Dr. Tim Haesebrouck


Research Interests: European Common Security and Defense Policy; military intervention; Qualitative Comparative Analysis

Em. prof. dr. Rik Coolsaet


Research Interests: International politics, foreign policy of Belgium, security politics, terrorism; diplomacy

Dr. Jeroen Joly

Jeroen Joly

Research Interests: foreign policy analysis, party governance and media effects, humanitarian and development aid Personal website:

Wouter Lips


Research Interests: International political economy; international tax governance

Mathieu Blondeel

Mathieu Blondeel

Research Interests: global energy politics, energy & development, global governance

Huanyu Zhao

Huanyu Zhao

Research Interests: Global governance, China's foreign policy, BRICS, G20, G7

Anouschka van Immerseel

Anouschka van Immerseel

Research Interests: International politics, foreign policy analysis, party politics

Faye De Coen

Faye De Coen

Research Interests: International politics, foreign policy of Turkey, relationship between Turkey and the Arab world

Jing Yu

Research Interests: EU maritime security, EU CSDP, EU-China maritime military cooperation, international security issues

Moniek de Jong

Moniek de Jong

Research Interests: Energy security, Energy policy & governance, International politics

Hielke Van Doorslaer

Hielke Van Doorslaer

Research Interests: International political economy, Post-crisis monetary policy, Regulation theory, Financialization

Affiliated Researchers

Dr. Sacha Dierckx


Research Interests: Capital controls; political economy of the BRICss; critical IPE; neogramscianism

Dr. Mohammed Alsaftawi

Mohammed Alsaftawi

Research Interests: International politics, conflict regions, and the relationship between Turkey, Palestine and Israel.

Melanie Van Meirvenne


Research Interests: European Common Security and Defense Policy; transatlantic relations

Thomas Renard


Research Interests: EU Strategic Partnerships; multipolarity and global order; EU foreign and security policy; emerging powers; counter-terrorism

Dr. Xavier L.W. Liao

Dr. xavier-liao

Research Interests: Global (Outer) Space Governance; space security, safety and sustainability issues; regional and international collaboration on space activities; space powers; space policy

Dr. Remziye Yilmaz

Remziye Yilmaz

Research Interests: Energy Geopolitics, Turkey’s Energy Strategy, Turkish Foreign Policy, EU-Turkey Relations

Emin Daskin

Research Interests: Political Violence; Propaganda; Security

Nanae Baldauff

Nanae Baldauff

Research Interests: international security, military alliances, transatlantic and transpacific security community.