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Goedele De Keersmaecker: lezing aan VUB & Dries Lesage in Internationale Spectator
Friday 9 March 2018

Thijs Van De Graaf invited for lecture at Balsillie School of International Affairs (Canada)
Monday 26 February 2018
In this talk, Thijs Van de Graaf argues that two profound shifts in technology and markets are disrupting the oil industry and present a fundamental threat to oil rentier states.

Thijs Van de Graaf in World politics review
Thursday 12 October 2017
This year’s Atlantic hurricane season has taken a heavy toll on the United States. After Hurricane Harvey first struck the Gulf coast in late August, Irma whirled over the Caribbean and Florida a few days later and, just last week, Maria left Puerto Rico absolutely devastated. In addition to the human suffering, the storms have strained U.S. energy infrastructure, raising serious questions about President Donald Trump’s energy policy and priorities.

Goedele De Keersmaeker op Zuidcafé
Wednesday 6 September 2017
Bij militaire interventies spelen vaak diverse belangen een rol : economische, geo-politieke, mensenrechten,.... Maar moet je vanuit een pacifistisch standpunt altijd elke militaire interventie afwijzen ? Of zijn er humanitaire omstandigheden waarbij je niet anders kan dan toch militair optreden ? En zo ja, met welk mandaat, binnen welke krijtlijnen ? En welke instantie beslist hierover? Een boeiende discussie, ook in het kader van het takendebat van het Belgisch leger en de hiermee gepaard gaande aankoop van nieuwe gevechtsvliegtuigen.

GIIS is hiring: Assistant
Friday 23 June 2017
Ghent University is a world of its own. Employing more than 8,000 people, it is actively involved in education and research, management and administration, and technical and social services on a daily basis. It is one of the largest, most exciting employers in the area and offers great career opportunities. With each of its 11 faculties and more than 100 departments offering state-of-the-art study programmes that are grounded in research in a wide range of academic fields, Ghent University is a logical choice for its employees as well as its students.

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